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  2. "There are some people who always seem angry and continually seek out conflict. Walk away; the battle they are fighting is not really with you - it’s with themselves."
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  3. For all the black dudes who were slept on back in the day bc folks thought you were too nerdy/ too quiet / too geeky / too lame / too smart -


    - it’s comeback season. Shine on em.

    And FYI, I’m sure in the corner of the lunch room or something, there was a shy little shorty who would see you and saw the king in you. Even way back then.

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  4. humansofnewyork:

    "What’s the most important thing your mother has taught you?"
    “If you buy food, you should always eat it with someone else.”

    (Kampala, Uganda)


  5. jedbrewer:

    Fear writes its own gospel. It replaces the true gospel message, one that brings courage and passion and boldness, with a false and ugly gospel of worry, where I’m found cringing in my lack of accomplishment, and my ongoing sins. Fear opens the door to lies and makes me easy to manipulate. 

    Guilt writes its own gospel. It teaches us the absurd lie that our bad behavior changes God’s mind about us. Guilt teaches us to “pay” for our own sins by beating up on ourselves, thus ignoring the need for a Savior. It teaches us that it’s not God’s love that binds our relationship together, it’s my behavior. But the true gospel teaches us: if it’s paid for, put it behind you.

    Shame writes it’s own gospel. It preaches the lie that you are what you’ve done, therefore, you can’t escape your past. The one true gospel says that I am who loves me, and that God loves me in a way that is too deep and wide and tall for me to comprehend. Fear, guilt, and shame open the door to the enemy’s main lie: you are not worthy.

    So let’s dismiss these shabby, disgusting, and religious-sounding fake gospels, and return to the real gospel: I am a sinner saved by grace. I didn’t earn it, I never was worthy of it, I’m saved because God is in charge, and that’s exactly how God wanted it to be. And, it turns out, I’m exactly the kind of scoundrel who will accept eternal life in paradise without deserving it in the least. 

    So now my focus needs to be on my savior, not on the sins He’s already paid for. My focus needs to be on the good he is calling me to, not the sin He is calling me from.

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    Nisida Esther (Colombia): 257.9 lbs

    These girls are so hot. Why do cross fit girls look so different from just Olympic lifters….?

    Because crossfit sucks and its not the same as olympic lifting. Crossfit isnt really going to really make you any stronger or larger.

    What? Have you seen the top Crossfit women lift? They’re damn strong, some are pretty well built and they have to train to do anything. A weightlifter doesn’t have to run to the mailbox, no doubt some of them can run quite far though.

    I feel that weightlifters are the most in shape out of any barbell athletes. And crossfit is not exactly a reliable way to get strong or large when compared to powerlifting, bodybuilding, or weightlifting.

    I don’t think the goal of Crossfit is to get large or lift the heaviest weight. It’s more an athletic competition, closer to a triathlon than powerlifting or bodybuilding. Lifting weights is only part of it, there’s also running, swimming, rope climbing, etc. A bodybuilder is mainly trying to build bulk (that’s why some are on juicing cycles), and some powerlifters are not necessarily in shape or eat healthy, they just lift heavy. It’s like a sprinter trains differently than someone doing a marathon, even though they’re both running.


  10. Anonymous said: Black Americans should be demanding a police ombudsman. In the UK and Ireland the police are monitored by independent ombudsmen who have to power to investigate and and punish police misconduct. Police brutality can still happen, sure, but very few actually get away with it. If they're caught on tape they're dunzo. The police in that video could be in prison for that level of misconduct in Europe. It makes me so sad to see how your lives are affected by such fucking ignorance over there.


    As a lawyer, I’d be really interested in learning more about this ombudsman procedure and process. Forward me some info if you can. 

  11. mrkcy:

    The world is filled with happiness, glory, achievement, but there is no denying the pain of the struggle, the truth of the disappointments nor the reality of the obstacles. You do not make an apple of a stone by painting it red.

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  13. sometimes, i worry if my boyfriend will want to sit with me through this bullshit.


    i’m miserable right now. and understandably so. my life is at a standstill and it’s frustrating. 

    i just worry that he’ll be like…..i’m tired of dealing with her ass. fuck it.

    i try my best to be happy, despite this weight just dragging me down. i try to be bubbly and fun and loving and shit. 

    but i worry that he’ll be over it. soon.

    idk why.


  14. i’m worth it. i have to believe it even when i don’t believe it. i’m worth it.

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  15. i need to focus inward on me. and figure out what’s the best way to do that.

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