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    Sleeveless mermaid sequined dress. Badgley Mischka, USA.

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  3. Dream.

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    this had to be done


    1. sensually whispers in your ear: I re-rack my weights
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    leaving work on friday


  6. scruffymacgoogler said: Moon of my life.



    My sun and my stars!

    I love you.

    More and more each day,




    Yessss GOT love!


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    when you have to go around the circle and introduce yourself to the group


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    After a while, strong isn’t a compliment for a black woman, it’s a cage.

    A reminder to toe the line without complaint and never be anything less than completely put together…


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    This show makes me cry. I can relate so much!

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    "I am NOT my hair! I love my hair and the way I wear it is MY choice!!" #HiddenDores

    I ADORE little miss Nicole (pictured above, she’s Jessica’s neo), and I’m proud of the minorities at my alma mater for speaking out against ignorance and discrimination.

    While I’m sure most of the individuals in this project love their school and are proud to be Vanderbilt students on their way to be Vanderbilt alums, there are still struggles that students of color face in Predominantly White Institutions (PWIs). It feels like I graduated 100 million years ago because tumblr wasn’t even popping during my senior year at Vanderbilt, so I’m glad “new Vandy” is able to use social media to their advantage to create a buzz. I support y’all 100% and I plan to promote the project up and down my page today.

    Conquer and Prevail,

    Ashley O., A&S, 2010

    Heyyyy Soror!

  11. I want this outfit Pls & thx

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  12. Hello.

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  13. Lunch tables were not safe when this shit came out


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